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What is i2i?

A new app to really connect you with other people, using humour, wit and 30 secs of eye contact. This is all about connection, whether it be friends, lovers or soul partners, you will feel that connection. Connected people -> more empathy -> more love -> a better world.

How is i2i different from other dating apps?

We’ve identified 4 potholes in the road to really connecting with other people:

1. Just a photo isn’t enough to get a feeling of someone. Even though you can put a short profile in the other apps, many people don’t do one, and many people don’t read them. We thought the billboard profile was a much better of instantly getting a feeling for what someone is like.

2. Right swiping on each doesn’t necessarily lead to contact and connection. Very often on the other apps people right swipe and on each and then nothing happens or people bulk right swipe. So we feel that pulling up the barrier a little bit, so that you have to answer someone’s initial question and it’s impossible to bulk right swipe, and they have to respond to that before you can chat, is not only a more authentic way to connect but also kick starts that initial exchange which can die before it’s even got going.

3. Often a conversation can drop into the sea of apathy before a meeting has been arranged so we push people to connect by using an expiring connection inbox so there is a time limit. This together with the higher barrier to connection in the early stage will be a better filter to meeting people who are right for you.

4. The timer in the i2i inbox is so important. Eye to eye contact is something so simple and yet so magical that we have forgotten in our digital age. If we can encourage people to do that when they meet it really will create better and deeper connections between 2 people.

It’s amazing what a little eye contact can do!

Watch this video to see 5 couples trying 4 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact – don’t worry, we only want you to do 30 secs! When we feel present our eye focus aligns our energies creating an internal convergence, which is palpable. It makes us compelling as we’re no longer fighting ourselves, we’re being ourselves.

Try it for yourself today with the free i2i app

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