“As easy as Tinder but more like meeting people in the real world…”

What is i2i?

A new app to really connect you with other people, using playfulness online and 30 secs of eye contact in the real world.

i2i is determined to make a dating app that is built on a foundation of connection not conformity. In the midst of technology that favours the thoughtless swipe, our mission is to bring back connection to our fellow human beings. Because when we bond in real life it’s based on so much more. If we let dating get hijacked by shallow standards then will we forget how to really see i2i?

None of this can be achieved without real innovation, so we’ve created an app that is more like starting a conversation in the real world rather than the now meaningless double-right swipe. We want to create an app that is inclusive of everybody’s identity. We know that our gender and sexual orientation is not a tick box, one-size-fits-all category box on a dull form!

In a world where the curated version of yourself has become the focal point, we strive to create an environment where the authentic self is celebrated. We believe in meaningful connections and fostering relationships with the right energy in a balance between offline and online.

We want to create a playful, inclusive, fun and empathetic community with regular social events from this autumn so that people can really meet and connect.

Connected people -> more empathy -> more love -> a better world.

It’s amazing what a little eye contact can do!

Watch the video How to connect with anyone in to see 5 couples trying 4 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact – don’t worry, we only want you to do 30 secs! When we feel present our eye focus aligns our energies creating an internal convergence, which you can feel. It makes us compelling as we have no choice but to be authentic; we’re being ourselves. It’s also the quickest way to have a shared experience out of your comfort zone, which is what brings people together. We know it works, so why don’t you try it!

Launching soon!

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