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Body language hacks for everyday life

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Our next event is Body language hacks for everyday life on April 12th at Mindspace, Whitechapel. Tickets:

Do you know what your body language is telling other people? How strong is your first impression? Do you want to find deeper connections with people? Do you want more social and professional success?

We will show you how to improve your communication skills and self-awareness. Most relationships at the workplace or in the bedroom are reliant on good communication in order to flourish. In this social, interactive workshop you will learn how to communicate with people in a more meaningful way both at work and play. This two and a half hour workshop will consist of a talk, games and discussion and includes drinks to help the connection flow.

You will discover:

how to make a great first impression
how to read other people’s body language
how to detect a lie and decode micro expressions
how to avoid feeling awkward when first meeting someone
how to act with confidence even if you don’t feel it
how to decode other people’s behavioural patters
how to identify cognitive biases, which could cloud your judgement
how to increase your self-awareness
“Watch carefully the magic that happens, when you give a person enough comfort to be themselves.”