New Hot Word Competition!

By January 21, 2018 No Comments

From Tuesday 23rd Jan we’ll be starting a new competition called Hot Word. Each week we’ll be putting out a word via push notification on i2i and we’d like you to use it in our I statement in the most playful, amusing or witty way. Remember you can log into your profile and change your I statement at any time. For example if the word was ‘dog’ then you could say ‘I’ve said I love you to two women and every dog I’ve ever met.’

The i2i team will decide on Friday which is the best entry and we’ll award a prize of a premium bottle of mezcal – the Quiquirici brand which retails at £37- which has to be picked up at The Groucho club in London. Think of all the hot smoking cocktails you’ll be able to make for you and maybe your new date!