Design a T-shirt for i2i and win £50!

By October 2, 2019 No Comments

Are you ready to unleash your inner Picasso? Well, here’s your chance. We’d like to have a new i2i T-shirt and we’d like you to design it for us. The only criteria are that it should fit on the front of a white T-shirt and have the i2i logo and our Instagram name @i2iapp. It should be eye-catching and somehow convey the ethos of i2i which is inclusivity (it’s for all sexual orientations), friendship and love. We encourage people to do 30 secs of uninterrupted eye contact when they meet at our events or on their own, as it’s a simple and yet profound way of connecting more deeply with other people. There’s a lot of non-verbal exchange that goes on between 2 people when they gaze into each others’ eyes, which bypasses the ego-judgement part of the brain. People connect heart to heart when they do this and who doesn’t need more heart?

The competition is open from today 2nd October, until the closing date October 24th. Send your entries to The winner will be announced on Tuesday 29th and the winning design posted here.

Good luck everybody! If you need the logo jpg please contact us on and we’ll send it to you.