What a time in history we are living in. Surely, the last thing you all expect to hear about this pandemic is that it actually did something positive. That’s right! According to a few articles published by American newspapers in June, some stand with the idea that the dating game took a step up thanks to Coronavirus! Lockdown is making us rediscover the power of relationships and the almost long-forgotten and powerful influence of true friendships and connections in our lives. Let’s see how.

Our lives drastically changed, we went from dates and drinks to video chats and Zoom calls, from awkward moments when paying the bill to not having fret about it anymore. We were so used to take things at our pace and speed, and at most times, kiss and sleep with someone before even knowing them. With the impossibility to meet comes the desire to stay connected, and that’s when video chats came in. Your haircut (or lack of haircut during these times); your tattoo; your preppy shirt; your revealing blouse: all these and many more visible traits signal your background, education and interests. The instant gratification ethos may be fine for ordering that amazing takeaway you love or some brand new clothes on Asos, but when it comes to human connections, they require an ‘unfolding’ phase and getting to know someone in their full persona to be able to appreciate the other person and form a true bond.

Now, think about it. What are the most challenging aspects of relationships nowadays? Sex and Money. And the latter also interests friendships. Before this virus hit, some 34 percent of American singles had engaged in sex before an “official” first date. That’s over — at least for now. You might have some sexy banter during a videochat but real sex is off the table. And the same goes for money. How convenient, right?

With lockdowns also comes more time. Who thought we’d actually have time to get bored! However, with more time, people also want to talk about more relevant and important things, and chitchat and small talk have become far less relevant. during this pandemic, singles are likely to share far more meaningful thoughts of fear and hope — and get to know vital things about a potential partner or friend fast.

Finally, Coronavirus is extending the so called “get to know you” time both in friendships and love. We have re-entered the era of slow relationships. Some even called it “the comeback of slow love”. The latter is adaptive — because the human brain is soft-wired to attach to a partner slowly. In short, feelings take time to develop and doubtlessly this pandemic is helping the process.

Now, we want to hear your thoughts on love and relationships during this time. Do you agree? Let us know!

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