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On the 24th of July 2016, I graduated from Coventry University with a 2:1 and a first class in my dissertation that raised a lot of discussions in my department. I never saw myself as someone to accomplish anything, however I was a go-getter. My drive for success, not just in my education, but in my self-development was an ability that represented me everywhere even with my mouth closed. Throughout my bachelor’s degree, I always came across situations that introduced me to my real myself. From having one on one conversations with tutors on race representations in my department to leading group presentations and voicing out problems international students went through, I was always ready for the next best thing. My dissertation was focused on the after-effects of colonialism in Nigeria and the traumatising problems the rural Ndi-Igbo women encounter due to patriarchy. I always felt like I was sent to this earth to do something different.

After a few meetings with my professor on the completion of this project. He personally sent off the dissertation to the UN International Rescue Committee Nigeria on my behalf. It was meant to help the officials working in West Africa have a consensus and ideology of the demographic the were dealing with lack of representation (in this case women). I was very proud. It was something to lean on to after suffering from not being able to connect to my university classmates during my BSc. I have always seen myself to be very confident but there is a salient issue when it comes to bridging the communication gap between foreign and home students. It takes a lot and I feel that is something I lacked during my BSc. On a more positive note, things got better.

I moved back to Nigeria that same year and stayed for 4 years working in corporate offices and was even privileged to start my own company back home. In 2020, I arrived in the UK for my MSc in International Management at Loughborough University London, unfortunately during a global pandemic COVID-19. I felt the fear of communicating with students creeping in, even worse it had to be done virtually. I was frantic. I had to dig deep to find that inner confidence that brought out a great dissertation, one that made me stand out. I decided to be fully involved in every aspect of the university. I was older and wiser now. I knew change had to start from me, I could not be that girl with communication issues again. I wanted to help others especially foreign students feel more confident in making friends virtually and to build a positive virtual community despite all odds. Being a student ambassador and working with We see i2i has helped me instill the confidence I lacked in my BSc to my MSc colleagues. We plan games nights via the app and some of us have made friends from other universities on the i2i app. The experience has been wonderful.

We are more confident despite the pandemic that may have crippled communication for others. Aside from being a student ambassador, the i2i app has been one of my greatest projects I have been privileged to handle. From the team to the CEO, I am glad I can be a part of a community that helps foster growth and create long term relationships. I am now confident with friends I have made through the app. On the 19th of March 2021, I hosted the Loughborough University London first social bubble where students came together to form an activity. We were able to share the problems we are currently facing due to the pandemic and opened to each other while playing the scribbl game. It was so refreshing that despite how busy we all are, we decided to plan another social bubble on the i2i app. Things have been great and students are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have decided not to wallow in ourselves due to the isolating pandemic and hefty schoolwork. We want to communicate, have fun, and meet other students.

I am grateful for how far I have got, and We see i2i has given me that bump that I need. I can now confidently say that I have friends who come from different parts of the world that I will cherish for a very long time.

Hadiza Adetunmbi
Loughborough University London

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